Our strengths are your benefit!

All around the world more and more companies, investors and private individuals are deciding in favour of renewable energy forms. Why not put your trust in BAUER Solarenergie GmbH a strong partner with competence, experience and a wide range of service offerings? As module manufacturers we control the quality of our BAUER solar modules and ensure the highest of standards. The same requirements are made of the various products we sell for the installation and for the operation of photovoltaic systems.

The use of high-quality products displays a commitment to protecting the climate and ensures economy with long-term profits. The use of solar energy is an investment in securing the power supply and implementing energy independence.

A renewable energy form is a reliable energy form!

In Europe, the photovoltaic industry is one of industries with the most promising future and fastest growth. It is constantly gaining in importance since photovoltaic technology creates new jobs: In the production of crystalline and micromorph solar modules, in the installation of solar power systems, in maintenance and servicing. BAUER Solarenergie GmbH provides advice and support for specialist dealers and companies specialising in installation As of 2004, our network of partners in Germany and Europe has been increasing constantly.

Within just a few years, BAUER Solarenergie GmbH has developed into a nationally and internationally successful company on the forward-thinking photovoltaic market. The success of the company, founded as part of the BAUER-Gruppe which has been in operation for more than 25 years, lies in the consistent striving to be a important and independent partner for renewable energies, in research and knowledge transfer fields also.

BAUER Solarenergie With power into a solar future!

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